Written testimonies

Climate Changing Leonie (Osnabrueck, Germany)

I come from a mid-sized own in the North West of Germany. Even though the town is not affected by extreme whether events and not considered to be at risk by climate change, the climate in or town does change. My town monitors the weather since 1951. Since then the annual average temperature has risen by 1.4 ° C and the extremely high temperature events in the summer increase (partly by 30%). At the same time, there are less days at extremely low temperatures, whereas the annual precipitation levels remain approximately constant, and the stronger rain events – if at all – tend to rise slightly. Hence action on climate change is also needed in areas which are not in the spotlight of climate risks.

Climate Changing Ana (Berlin, Germany)

Countries in the global south will be hit earliest and hardest by climate change, even though they have contributed little to causing the problem. People in the global north think that they cannot do anything about it. But yes – they could change their lifestyle by travelling eco-friendly, buying saisonal and organic food and by just consuming less. Climate justice!

Ilona 25, Bulgaria

Starting to dig more into the understanding and feeling of the consequences of the almost lost relationship between people and nature, between people themselves, and between people and their own human nature, actually is changing me completely as a person. Great! The change starts from within, it starts from the self. I am growing, that’s amazing. However, I am asking myself – what I am going to do when aiming for a more mindful, harmonious, connected and fairly shared life happens in a world that is everything else but that? Having said that, climate is affecting my sense of living, my vision for existence and it bothers one of my very first human rights – to choose to live in harmony and real connection with nature and society.