Forced migrations

Intensification of extreme weather event, floods, sea level rise, desertification and drought, etc. caused by climate change are further environmental stress factors that influence global phenomenon of migration, would they be internal or international migration. As the World Watch Institute’s State of the World report (2013) shows, loss of land, threat to livelihood conditions, instability and decrease of food production, as well as, increase of food price for example results in increasing seasonal and long term migration.

The UN International Organisation for Migration reports that most cited estimate states that there could be over 200 million environmental migrants by 2050 which corresponds to the current estimate international migrants worldwide. In 2015, the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) estimates that an average of 22,5 million people (62,000 people every day) were displaced each year since 2008 because of climate or weather related events.

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